Images of Greatness Reflection

My Image of Greatness was Steve Jobs. The reason he is so great to me is because he was himself. He didn't care about what others thought about him. Look where it got him. One of the richest men in the world, one of the most successful humans to ever live, and just a phenomenal man. I admire so much about him. Whenever I think about Steve Jobs, I often think of myself. Many other people do as well. He followed his passion instead of what he was "supposed to do." An example of this is when he skipped a speech to go out with a girl. Most people wouldn't do that. The reason he did it was because he wanted everyday be able to be his last. I admire this so much. I hope one day I decide to do this as well.
      The thing I am most proud of during this unit was being able to even get on stage. I would never get on stage. I'd rather die than get on stage. It's one of the three things I am scared of (stage fright, creatures in the sea, and spiders). I really wa…

History Day Reflection

Our project was a website on Alexander Hamilton. The project had to relate to the theme, taking a stand in history. So we made our website on how Alexander Hamilton took a stand in his beliefs.
     I agree with what the judges said. I felt like we didn't put enough about the theme on the website. During our interview we explained it well how he related to the theme, but our website didn't really relate to the theme much.
     The most interesting thing I learned about during this project, was how much Hamilton actually did. I fell in love with the soundtrack (I go to Chicago on Friday for Hamilton!), but I never understood everything he did. Once you realize everything he did, you listen to the Hamilton soundtrack a little bit closer. When you listen to it closer, it actually tells you many things about Alexander, but it's just in a hip hop song.
     The hardest part about this project was to have everybody working. We all got bored, tired, sick. None of us really w…

Independent Project Reflection

For my project I did "What Happens to your Body in Space?" I presented on Prezi and how I presented it was I answered the question for my whole project, but I have a made to show what happens on like a timeline. I had it so it shows what happens first to the end instead of one slide on what happens. I also gave an example on what to do if you are in space. I used Alex for my example which worked out pretty well.
     What I liked best about my project was that it wasn't just a topic it was more of a question and made it into a topic. Instead of just doing something like space, I made it into a part of it and this made it so I could explain it better because it wasn't a huge topic.
     I'd say the hardest part was just getting up there and presenting. I have a stage fright and I don't like presenting sometimes, but once I get going then I just feel fine and I get the flow of it so it makes it really easy for me. It was really hard when I had to start my …

Shakespeare Reflection

I believe that in the end of The Taming of the Shrew, Kate finally realized that she had to be good to Petruchio because she will always be with him, but I also believe that she just wanted to shut everyone up. Everyone is always talking about her or mocking them, and she just finally had enough of it. I also believe she kind of knew that if all of the wives were being called out, something must be going on so she outsmarted everyone.
     The reason that Shakespeare's first folio was important is because it not only teaches us about his writing, but also about him. Over the field trip I learned Shakespeare was so popular that people faked being him and made fake stories. I also learned that one of the recent folios sold for more than $6 million.
     At the start of learning about Shakespeare I just kind of thought, ugh, some old author guy, but as we started learning about him, I really opened up to his writing. I thought it was going to be really boring, but it was actuall…

2016-2017 1st Blog Post

This year I'd like to get on straight A's 2/4 quarters, and if not 3 or 4/4. I haven't got on the straight A's yet and my mom is always bugging me about it so I want to just do it so she won't always tell me how she doesn't see my name on the straight A's yet. And no, i'm not trying to complain that my mom is doing that. Matter of fact, I want to get on it too. So she's just pushing me to actually do it.
     I've never gotten a detention so I don't want to get one now. My mom always tells me if I get a detention she won't be happy and when that happens, I get grounded from all electronics for about a month, then I can start watching T.V. and then usually a week later I get my phone and computer back. So that doesn't sound too pleasant.
     I want to improve my I.T.B.S. scores to all above at least 11 and even better 12. I usually get above 10 for all of them, but I've never gotten them ALL above 11 or 12. I usually get one…

Breakout Box Reflections

Breakout boxes are basically a more fun way to learn lots of stuff and works on many things such as your problem solving skills, knowledge, and many other things. What you do is you get some clues and you have to really think about it and look at the little things. You then try putting stuff into the locks. Once you get all locks off, you won!
      For solve breakout boxes like those you really have to think and google. You need to just try everything you see. You really have to think "outside the box".       When you design your own box you have to just think about random things and think of a topic (optional) and just go from there. You think it's going to be easy for them to open, but it's really not.       My group at first thought it would be very easy, but they didn't get it until the last minute. What really went well was we always tricked them, and it would always work. The clues we thought would be the hardest, were the easiest, and the clues we t…

Hannibal Reflections

When we went to Hannibal, first we went into the start of the tour building. From there we went to Huck's house. It was a very small two room house. Then we went to Mark's house. He had a pretty nice house. We then went to the museum. It was a giant building that had lots of cool stuff. Then we went on the trolley. He took us around and took us to a  place where we could look at turtle islands. Then he took us to where the caves are and then back to where we started. We got on the bus and went to the caves. We ate outside before we went in the caves. Then we finally got to go in and have a tour of the caves. After, we went to get candy and then most of us climbed the stairs to the lighthouse, and then after that we went and got ice cream (if you wanted any). After all that, we finally went home.
    I think the most educational part was the cave. You got to learn about Mark and what he did as a child. It was also really fun.
    The cave was the most fun part. You got to a…