History Day Reflection

     Our project was a website on Alexander Hamilton. The project had to relate to the theme, taking a stand in history. So we made our website on how Alexander Hamilton took a stand in his beliefs.
     I agree with what the judges said. I felt like we didn't put enough about the theme on the website. During our interview we explained it well how he related to the theme, but our website didn't really relate to the theme much.
     The most interesting thing I learned about during this project, was how much Hamilton actually did. I fell in love with the soundtrack (I go to Chicago on Friday for Hamilton!), but I never understood everything he did. Once you realize everything he did, you listen to the Hamilton soundtrack a little bit closer. When you listen to it closer, it actually tells you many things about Alexander, but it's just in a hip hop song.
     The hardest part about this project was to have everybody working. We all got bored, tired, sick. None of us really wanted to do the dirty work of research or doing the annotations. We ended up having to fix about 80% of our citations. We all really procrastinated and didn't really finish until the last minute.
     I think this project really helped me learn time management. You shouldn't wait until the last minute to finish your project. I also learned that if you want to win a contest, you need to give more of what they ask for. Follow the theme in other words.
     The one big way we could majorly improve our project is by relating to the theme. I already have said it, but we just didn't have the theme on our website. We just had facts about Hamilton. I felt like it was a solid website, but it wasn't what they wanted.
     The thing I am most proud of, is that none of us flipped out on one another. We may have gotten frustrated with each other a bit, but none of us truly got ticked off. We all worked as a team and got good work done. We also ended up making the deadline which I was proud of because I was getting worried that we wouldn't.
     My main suggestions to anyone that is planning on making a project is to know your topic, always be working, do it right the first time, and follow the theme.


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